Lament of the Lover

What do we live for, if not for love?
In theory, we in fact live for the hope of love.
For when love does enter our lives, we are open and ready.
But upon love's residence, we grow restless.
We search for elements of life that we do not possess.
And so, in searching for more, we forget what we have.
And so love is tossed aside,
the victim of an ongoing crime, selfishness.
We seem to overlook what we have.
We say; what is better? What else can benefit my own life?
We look outside our own lives for joy,
when in fact we should be looking into our own lives.
A man cannot be happy with what he does not possess.
But a happy man is one who knows and values his own treasures.
Therefore, value life. This is the only mortality allotted.
Love is present. Find it, recognize it, and treasure it.
And never cease loving. For love is more important than life itself.
For what is life without love?
But a meaningless machine of weariness?
So do I in fact regret finding love? No.
On the contrary,
for though love has brought pain to my life, I welcome it.
For the day I began to love, was in fact, the day I began to live.
I feel pain, I feel joy, I feel anxiety.
I feel love.I am alive, a proud casualty of love.

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