Land and Sea

I’m in a maze trying to figure out solutions...
I'm in a daze, puzzled, he gives me no conclusions.
My mind whips around corners, his heart is running.
He leaves me, twisted and mourning.
I am here; he is there, why aren’t we going anywhere?
We both stand too tall, building walls that make each other feel small.
I can’t climb without a latter; I wish we knew how to feel like we both matter.
To one, to another, to the love that mirrors a reflection so damaged it won't shatter.
Am I the glass that is sharp enough to cut him or is he the wound that scares me?
We both bleed.
I am in this maze wanting roses; he’s is in a haze screaming.
The light sparks, everything is explosive.
My emotions pour out; he will drown in their blue hues.
My water is too deep for him to swim through.
I am here floating in his rainbow of chaos,
He is there sinking in my field of dreams.
Together we can hold each other between land and sea.
The sky is hopeful; the stars drew us in their image; we are a celestial masterpiece.
All I want is to be the queen of his throne, to be protected and known.
Through his eyes there is a way; I see darkness and emeralds.
He is glowing, not steering astray.
The path is ours;
it will fill us with oceans and forests,
burning and washing,
igniting our pain.
Mazes exist, bodies move through them.
Love inspires the sufferable,
it creates flames.
I will paint the thorns green in the snow,
So one day all of our tears will grow.
He will collect what falls--
Like petals and leaves and birds with broken wings.
Keeping them safe in his hands,
while he sews on pockets made with nurturing strings.
Our faults do not define us,
Mermaid tears, dragon wars, let's put these battles beside us.
There are castles to climb and magic spells to find
I am here for him, if he is there for me.
We have infinity and destiny will always be a mystery.

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This poem is for anyone that has ever been in love. It's a story about pain, desire, and the power of forgiveness.