Language of the Sea

There is a great longing when I look to the sea,
Like I've missed out on my calling and my true destiny.
In the crashing of the waves, I can hear a great sadness,
Leaving me to contemplate a life that ends in madness.
The language of the deep whispers to my virgin ear,
Yet there are no words in the conversation I can hear...
The salt spray that is lifted upon a foreign breeze,
Reaches out to greet my face and lightly kiss my cheeks.
I long to surrender, to leave this earthly plane...
To leave behind the markings of my guilt and this shame.
And as if in answer to this most desperate plea...
A mighty wave rolls in at once, to sweep me off my feet,
The waters are much colder than any icy winters chill,
And so much darker than any endless night could fulfill.
I fear not the end though, as my body begs release...
I am one with my ocean and I am finally at peace...

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This Poems Story

I have a deep and strange relationship with the ocean.