Through all the scarifies that I made
I knew you would never take any blame
You think you won
You’ve learned nothing at all
You think I’m alone
Well Guess again
I didn’t want to write this
I didn’t want to go down
to your level
But I’ve been hearing your lies
There the same and
It takes me back
To the time
when we started dating
I find it funny that
You haven’t grown up
I’m finally free now
I can tell my story
You had the stage like
At the counselors
Before he suggested a flaw

Iv’e been on the rise
Didn’t care what you said
But now I know
Now its my time
So lie all you can
It’s an interesting story
to a boring life
It just to fantastical
So I’m let you continue
to ramble on
It’s no wonder why
All your close friends left you
It’s about time I moved on too

This is for all the times
You tried to manipulate me
Said my family blamed me
Said I had no friends
Even though you were sleeping in my arms
You Lied so much
Forgot who I was
It’s time for you to move on
I will see you on tv
When I’m flipping past dr Phil

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So down vote this all you want The truth is you don’t want me to move on Deep down you know You lied to much So you down vote all my love poems