Last Breath

My heart is so heavy
400 plus years of so many
forms of oppression
so many won't question
Black lives matter 2015
20th anniversary Million man march won't be see
they say the revolution won't be televised
KKK fliers on the rise, yes 2015
Fist pumps of power, drowned by daps
Our movement has collapsed
eye for an eye will leave the world blind
bullet for bullet leave us dead or in jail
early pension for the police'
unorganized hell
No hope for a system that can't reform
They still look at us as unchained slaves
working us to an early grave
Strange fruit still hang from the trees
Too much has taken from our dignity
White privilege is real
Keep it 100
things ain't change, our horror movie still remains
Black America so disillusioned
chaos and confusion
we're at a stand still
Hoodies for Trayvon gone
I can't breathe took its last breath
What's left...

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