Last Dance

So long I've waited for this feeling,
Rising from nowhere, he's come to save me.
An awesome presence that gives me meaning
A perfect light in the darkness that enslaves thee
Delicately snapped handicaps, he is the one
I'm filled with nothing but beauty and romance
No worries or struggles, the forbidden has been done
He guides me to the floor, the start of our dance
On his command the band of barons begin playing
We sway to the rhythm, movements without a flaw
An Emperor and his Empress, heart-beats synchronizing
Up we go, weightless; gravity no longer a law
Explosion of grace and joy, dancing on the Moon
Swiveling and spinning into all we can become
His big hands showing me a life outside our cocoon
All watch in awe as we kiss the birth of freedom
By Moon's double barrel, we are forgotten like fools
I'm falling and he is fading, shortness of breath,
As before a doozy will erase these jewels
But it was worth it, I danced to my death.

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