Last Dance

Like soft melodies, his echoes played a beautiful lullaby in her heart.
Eyes closed, arms lifted, in the darkness she danced.
A light move and then turned, her inner music guiding it.
The completely black sky looked down, envying the shining doll.
‘I’m so sorry, are you ok?’
His voice kept spreading like a river does in its bed.
Overflowing, it took possession of her mind.
‘I love you’
A pirouette swallowed the night, slowly approaching the climax.
Silent steps tiptoed on a symphony that only she could hear.
‘We will be together forever’
The white-pearl velvet dress mirrored her dancing soul.
Like a spring wind, she lightly floated in the thick misty air.
‘I’m sorry’
The delicate movements became slower, gravitating toward the end.
The girl completely stopped after the last twirl.
She looked on the ground, her breath slightly irregular.
Her lips moved in a smile as she touched the cold stone with her fair fingers.
A broken whisper filled the empty space. The red shoes led her to the yearned cliff, while the same fingers wiped old tears.
“Wait for me”

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