last days

I wonder why I often think, this all could stop with just a blink,
no more cars, boats, or homes, in just a second it's all gone.
set in our ways we take for granite, this little blue marble we call our planet'

we waste our days, hoping for years if all else fails we cry our tears,
conceived in love, we've grown to hate condemning all to a worse fate,
we say we care, we really do, but in our minds, we say screw you.

we don't want to help, or even care, we just look back with cold dark stares,
with no compassion or desire, we've all but lit the burning fires.
it seems the goal we have in mind, the hell with it, destroy mankind,
why should we care for one another, give them hope or call them brother.

if this is true I hang my head, I grieve for you who'll soon be dead,
without the light it's always dark, is their no hope for a brand new start?
just keep in mind if you will, the light can shine even still,
with just a little bit of faith , it's all made right and put in place.
there is a hope for all mankind, just leave your hate and fears behind,
and soon you'll see a better way, to help you through these last days.

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we need to be ready, the end is going to happen.