Last Goodbyes

As she walks down the empty street,
Her heart slowly starts to break.
All her thoughts run together
She knows she isn't going to make it.

As she walks down the empty hallway.
The tears start to flood her already tired eyes.
Her words stay hidden inside the pocket of her breaking heart.

As she walks through the empty bedroom.
She touches her stuff for one last time.
She was going to end her life

As she walks into the empty bathroom.
She locks the door behind her.
She looks up into the mirror in front of her.
Her mascara was running down her cheeks from the hours of crying.

As she closes her eyes feeling the empty inside of her.
She picks up the razor blade and holds it against her already breaking wrist.
She lets out a sob as she tries to hold in her tears.

As she looks into her empty eyes.
She knew this was for the best.
It was time to say goodbye.
She slides the blade across her wrist...

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