Last Habitat

Once, the elements and animals ruled all.

Aves reigned over the azure sky
Mountains, hills, habituated by quadrupedal mammals
Translucent oceans farther than any horizon
Fertile ground, bountiful undisturbed forests
Undiscovered elegant, refined metal

4.3 billion years later,

A four-limbed, opposable thumbed mammal was born
Unnatural flames soon followed
Shrubs, bushes missed their seedlings and fruit
Lions lost their tittle as king
Aquatic creatures slowly hid deeper

4.5 billion years later,

Once crystal clear liquids, now colored charcoal
Vehicles discharging fumes, polluting air
Four boundaries that separate nature
Rampaging flares, timber, treeless forests
Cyclones, hurricanes, bizarre weather

Second coming of Noah’s ark
May Mother Nature forgive us

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