Last Look

I fought for years to keep your heart
Should've been no battle
Rightfully mine from the start
Ignored everything else
Felt so stupid and stressed
To learn that you'd later squash the heart in my chest
My last look in your eyes
Savaged my insides
It's all come to this
Our final words with no kiss
No hugs and no sign of remorse
It's obvious things have taken their course

If not your way, then bye; don't give a sh*t what I do
Waste of my time trying to talk to you
It's like trying to knock down a brick wall
Your love was never intended for the long haul
Was foolish thinking your abusive days were over
Guess that's impossible when you're an asshole undercover
Only certainty is that you'll never change
Life without you is my only chance to be sane
Too mad to talk, I left you there
The sane voice made my choice instantly clear
All my efforts have been exceeded
War's over, this is the closure I needed
Tears run down my face and I feel rage
Like fine wine, my happiness will grow with age

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