Last Love Lost

Shrilly the wind blew thru the Village hills. O'er the frilly branches spilling into mills.
Clouds looked like waves that were in the sky fleeting, moving forth for a while and chilly receeding.
So strong was the Wind, it lifted the hood off my haire and gifted a red wisp upon my blushed cheek there.
Around me t'were tree branches breaking sharp, with a sound as if it playing, upon a broken harp.
Elms stood swaying to and fro, and strummed with ev'ry breath the Wind would'st blow. Green fir branches were 'grabbing' all about, dark and tall and long and stout.
Whilst my tartan scarf and all its tassels 'flew', the branches fussed in the gust.
Such a horrible, creaking, slapping slew it was!
Not unlike a death troupe, it was carrying on, as if someone loved has gone hauntingly; also did I tarry on dauntingly, meek and bespoken yet.
Without you, I am broken in regret. I felt like I'd lost the token amulet. If I gave up, it would be as if "the towel were thrown in".
When I did hear the howl of this black dog then, someones lost pet.
Pattering beside me, I'll n'er forget. It's running along in fear, with clicking claws that were long. Coming near me with his black hounds' paws, faster yet!
Splattering in stride as he bound and lept, into a puddle making me wet as he went by like I, outside and no master around.
Going as presented in this muddle I found, I never resented.
I seek; and so doth he, almost turning back in my defeat, but continued on for there was still ahead the tide to meet.
I pine away for staying warm, on the velvet seat by the fireside. That place where I like to eat or hide.
For now just in the air's the warm scents of soup with chives and bread, mixed together in the cold, brisk Fall Wind. Fragrance of fine wine and fresh cheese. That's good for them!
As I roam and I want, how can I resent these?
Those who had what I need and sustenance fixed, or they who had a feast?
That I am just wandering to find you, so I know I must take heed.
Because of this love of you I felt, when as the rain began to pelt, like tears it quickened drizzly.
Twas so gray obscurred above and within the drifting fog, where it doth ascend there, and blurred so grisly.
Drifting on the cobblestone Church, slickening high the Steeple stood Nigh. I dared enter with a lurch. Disappearing into the shadows I crept beneath the roof, far as I could creep. I felt I must rest still, for I hadn't slept nil, in a dreadful mood under the Eves.
When it was later, I heard the black dog's howl again and I looked to see. Then the stray dog lured me away, into the flurry of Autumnal leaves.
Now t'was night, so I ventured free, setting my sight to the Bluff.
There'd be no succumbing, I retain my pow'r for our love!
To refrain and try my hardest as I almost "took flight" running. It was tough.
Thru The Green and Heathered Moor, fast hoping for a chance to find thee sooner.
Under the dark grey clouds over the sea, in the wind I see at last; The Mast of the Schooner!
Blundering was I, and quite unsteady, whilst seeing you left me stunned, and I kept wondering how hath I go back to home and make ready!
So, I turned back on foot leaving fast. Pushing through the Wind, all the way past, where the hanging lanterns doth sway. Whilst smoke and soot burn't high with the Whistling Wind away into the sky and out the Chimney stack Nigh.
Alas, the Wind carried it from the house that we stay. Day and night is infused with intensive light so gay. Thru it's latticed windows is happiness placed here, with it's Gambrel roof and picket fences so white, I say.
So glad it makes me, as no more shalt I tread.
I want to stay beside thee soon, in our bed.
As thou art brave, Come back from the Sea and return'd here, to live with me.
I whilst not now roam free. Though the weather's stormy, inside we'll be.
I am safe from the cold chill and the ever so windy gloom.
Tonight we are together free to stay in our place, this room.
I will always pray to be, forever near and dear aside thou.
For I whilst rest and lay still, beside ye as well.
Silently, except for the Wind Whistling mournfully by The Lovers tomb!

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