Last Night

I wake up, and as I watch you sleep I smile,
And then quickly snuggle back down for a little while.
I do not want last night to end,
So I close my eyes and I pretend.
I pretend that the sun has not yet began to shine;
that you, and this night will continue to be mine.
I pretend we have no where we need to be;
That this world contains only you, and me.
Please stay just a little while more;
Do not get up, and walk out that door.
Turn off your phone, and come back to bed.
Lets just enjoy us instead.
I know to you this was a drunken mistake,
But here; right now; my heart is at stake.
I've always wanted this, and now that I do.
I want it even more than I ever knew.
But I knew it wouldn't last, and you stand to leave.
You say you will call, but I am not naive.
As you walk down the hallway; then out of my sight;
I know I won't ever have you again, but at least I got last night.

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