Last Step: Acceptance

In shadows unknown, love slipped through fingers' grasp,
A silent melody, a symphony in silence clasped.
No note, no sigh hinted at its dance,
Yet the heart, a patient poet, craved a chance.

At dawn, unfolded, bright and true,
His smile, a story, painted in a hue of blue.
Bound by laughter, tales untold,
A blend of feelings, a spark to unfold.

In his absence, a deep and profound void,
A sorrowful black hole, echoes employed.
Missing pieces of self, a puzzle. Scattered everywhere. In the secret untangling, an event thats true.

You may never understand how to cope,
Losing a best friend, a struggle to slip away.
Unwilling for acceptance, memories bring tears,
The hardest part of life, facing your fears.

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    This Poems Story

    Hardest part of life is accepting that something that was the best part of your life may be over.