Last Walk

Destination? Unknown.
I'm all alone on my road, but I set out anyway.
The silence is beautiful, I sing along...
Hoping I don't get the words wrong.
I find solace in my pace,
A peace with each breath.
And every step brings a new adventure...

The wind sends a faint breeze, as if only for me
To keep me comfortable on this journey.
Walking to ease the yearning...
Reflection's my teacher,
Funny, I didn't even realize I was learning.

Too little? Too late?
As I stand at Destiny's gate,
Knowing the trip is over,
I procrastinate.
Soaking up the aches in my legs.
The pin pricks in my feet.
And the fatigue dragging down my eyes.
I'm at the end of the road.
There's no where else to go...

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