Last Wish

“No!”, burned those cheeks when felt the pain
Throbbing and shivering and trembling heart under deathly rain,
The heavy drops falling sound more brittle,
Whether rolling down my cheeks or outside chorus giggle.
Buzzing swirling breeze trying to lift the empty state,
When all trying to be the half of this doomsday’s date.

“This is the end!”, shouted the crowd,
Echoed the ultimate verbs, a man tall and proud!
How can one carve death, striking like an unearthly ray,
On the other side, sober lips murmuring and chanting gently, they pray!
Empty stomachs, empty pockets sigh, “The curse of deeds”,
“Shot!”, they shouted, and lushed green lawn bleeds!

Loss and havoc and terror and fear,
“Stay inside! Isolation! No touch!”, words being no rare.
Some clicks and fun and dares and play,
Withered eyes when his child’s flight delay,
They shout, “No crowd”, okay I’ve heard it loud,
Thirsty feeble sobs are still bound!

Each willing hand trying to save the race,
But thirsty death is accelerating its pace.
When this all is bursting here, crumble heart shrinks with fear
Its sitting in a corner, repaying and praying and shedding tear .
What’s the fear of a soul sitting quiet?
With its family having dinner delight!
These eyes are magical, can cast this lie,
Trembling lips can smile by and by,
How would she tell about the distance whose dart is so deep,
How to name the soul for whose safety she weeps.
How will she describe her life in words,
With wings in cage, birds are birds!

If this is the last of all which is here,
If this is the only that this world can bear,
Then let me cast one wish of mine,
To touch his pure soul in the left time,
In his arms I’ll die and they will stop this play,
And in him I will forever relay!

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