Last Woman Standing

Loyalty over love

Family over all

Life is just a gamble

Watch your back and don't you fall

Life life everyday

Like each day is your last

Learn to build a beautiful future

With the pieces from your past

Never depend on another to make you happy or whole

That light won't stay forever

It will soon be dim and dull

You'll wake up one day to no surprise

You not only lost your heart and soul

But also your ears, mouth and eyes

You keep looking you keep searching

But there's nothing left to find

The only thing that is holding you hostage are the voices inside of your mind

You are your own worst critic yet

That doesn't have to be the case

Each day is a new beginning

A chance for change

A brand new face

No more lame excuses for why your life is the way it is

The reasons why you are all alone

And at times feel like you cannot continue to live and provide for my kids

God doesn't give you more then you can handle

And that must be somewhat true

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

At least take it out before it conquers you

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