Latch Key Kid

Out of sight and out of mind
no one cared, they left her behind
They called her names and made fun of her hair
she was stupid and ugly, her life wasn't fair
Dad never believed that she was his kid
why should anyone love her if he never did
They gave her grief and blamed the girl
like it was her fault for wrecking their world
She was alone and feeling lost
wanting love, no matter the cost
They should have known how she would be affected
the damage they did could never be corrected
She never felt worthy or quite good enough
just a piece of crap that nobody loved
She's never had confidence or felt self esteem
they took that to, they were so mean
They stole from her the right to believe
she could be anything she fought to achieve
She was too young to know what she did
but it's their fault that she was a latch key kid
She's all grown up now and she understands why
but that doesn't make it easy and it doesn't make it right
Others take for granted what she has never known
the love of a family
the safety of a home

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