Late in December

I remember, the day I met you.
I remember it because you consumed me.
You melted me into something I wasn't before.
And I loved it, I loved it so much.
I loved the feeling you gave me, like a drug, addictive but not.
I loved that you consumed me but it didn't last.
The day you said goodbye. the day you left.
The day you stroked my hair, kissed me goodbye, and drove off.
The moment you kissed me the first time.
The moment that is but a breathe away from my heart.
You whispered something and leaned in. Later we actually kissed.
That memory is something I will always remember.
How your lips felt on mine, how you caressed my face.
How regardless you always looked at my eyes before you kissed me.
And even though you are gone, and there's a hole,
That can't be stitched, sewn, or taped back together,
I will always remember the day I met you.
That day in late December.

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