Late Night Thinking

Do you remember the times we shared?
the late night drives, the milkshakes
the secret kisses shared between us

Do you remember saying you needed me?
while on the verge of tears

Do you remember singing to me?
the way you sung, with your eyes closed
with so much power and meaning
the way you looked into my eyes as you sang
meaning every word you said.

Do you remember saying "I love you"?
i remember me laughing, thinking it was a joke
but then you looked at me with all seriousness
I knew then that you meant it
I remember the exact way you held me close
how you whispered it into my ear
how we kissed under the stars that night

Now it's late and I'm thinking of you
do you think of me?
I think of you a lot
I enjoy the time we shared
even if it was our last

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