By Janell Winston

Laugh to keep from crying and try to be strong
Laugh to keep from crying, so that you can carry on

Laugh about “take your child to work day,” for BART, when granny took the twins
Laugh about her sneaking us to the front of the train and letting us drive and hope that two kids driving the BART train never happens again

Laugh about how if you needed her during church or bible study hours you had better be hurt, dead, and/or dying
Laugh about how even though she did not eat pork, when she helped out at the homeless center she always kept the most tasty bacon frying

Laugh about all the visits, parties, events, work shifts, church sessions, phone calls and all the joy we got to experience with Doris while she was still kickin’
Laugh about how she always ate everything including the gristle off the chicken

Laugh about how Doris was always in your business, inserting herself, her love, her assistance, and God into people's lives and was a force for all to reckon with and see
Laugh about how her assertive love, attitude, and strong presence got her the nickname, “mama D”

Although her love is unmatched, we were not ready, and there will never be another, Doris is right where she wants to be
She will be beside us helping us to figure out how to carry on and become happy

Do not worry about all the things you did not get to say, show, or do
Laugh about all the reasons Doris gave you to laugh and laugh about the times that my granny laughed with you

So, even though it’s hard, laugh because as we are all torn up and crying and making a fuss
You’d better believe that Doris Faye Collier is up in Heaven laughing at us

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