Bellowed or hollowed
A giggle or a chuckle,
Will it just be a small laugh
Or one that will make your knees buckle?

For a laugh is a simple gift
Granted to us each day,
An invitation handed on a silver platter
Inviting us to partake.

A hoot or a snort,
Nonpareil is this gift
It never encumbers,
And it releases all lenitives.

You don't have to be sentient
A laugh is simply not a crime,
Laughing is an orotund
A memory that's worth your time.

Will it echo or fade
Sink and die down?
None of those things
Because, my child, a laugh simply turns your day around.

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This Poems Story

Poetry has always been my passion. I eat, sleep, and breathe words. Having a father who is a diplomat, my family always ends up moving to different places. We have been to places far, far away like Yemen and "home-base" like Canada. I can always make new friends, but poetry is a way for me to express my inner emotions-my feelings and thoughts. Poetry is how I express and answer the question, who is Ashwini Selvakumaran?