i was going to do laundry
to wash the dirt away
and out came your jacket
that i longed to embrace.
i hold it close to my chest and
your scent still lingers upon it,
i close my eyes and see the past.

i see you laying in my arms,
as we await the sunrise.
your head near my heart
and my lips on your hair.
i can still feel you close to me.

your soul is like no other
and to me, that is no bother.
i want to say i hate you
but all that spills out is,
i love you.

i know i've got to let you go
i know it deep inside
i consider throwing your jacket
in with the wash.

will it wash your scent away?
or did i lay with you for so long
that the smell itself is already gone
but i can still remember it like yesterday?

washing your jacket means
letting you go
letting us go.
i don’t think i'm ready so
i think i'll take a chance
and maybe next time i do the laundry
i can wash away the past

laundry - ahtziri yamile 81417

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The after math after a rocky breakup with my first love.