She wandered through, feet bare to the ground,
and pondered all the things she had lost and found.
Hair flowing behind her like a flag in the breeze,
Her summer dress swishing around her knees.
But the light that had once shone, in her bright eyes,
has faded and dimmed with all the hurt and the lies.
And as she looked around with the sun on her face.
Her whole world was lavender.

The pain she had suffered for all of those years,
brought forth all the memories that turned into tears.
The tears trickled down her cheeks like a bubbling stream,
as she wished for all the things that could have been.
She drew in every breath, hindered with a quiver,
the slight cool breeze blowing, making her shiver.
Her feet wet from the dew soaked grass.
Her whole world was lavender.

Leaves fluttered and the birds sang in the trees,
Her heart was heavy as she sank to her knees.
Hands cupped around her face, she did wonder,
where did all the rainbows go, was she going under?
No shoulder to cry on, and nowhere for her to turn,
every avenue, every ambled road, she felt spurned.
She was alone and sad, even in a crowded place.
Her whole world was lavender.

Drawing on her waning courage and deep desire,
she struggled and fought her way out of the mire.
An ever present emotion that ran deep in her veins,
the freedom she felt as she broke free from the chains.
No longer tethered, she danced free as a bird,
Her thoughts were pure, her focus no longer blurred.
All through the day and all through the night.
Her whole world was lavender.

A smile waxed across her once saddened face,
newfound happiness no longer felt out of place.
The love grew and grew inside of her, true and strong,
her heart singing sweetly as she danced along.
And as the elation washed over her in wave after wave,
no longer feeling that she needed to be brave.
For she knew that any obstacle that stood in her way.
Her whole world would be lavender.

23rd September 2021

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This Poems Story

This poem is about hitting rock bottom and feeling worthless. Questioning love and then pulling yourself back up and finding it again. Loving yourself.