Lavender, Not Plum

It's all coming together,
Honey coated dressing
Melding mallow together.
Citrus dancing on my skin.
Red, yellow, orange.
Tinging my skin,
The unsuspecting victim.

Sappho, her soft hands
Gliding down my neck,
Adding touches of red, yellow, orange.
A match to the pyre.
A true goddess, striking her arrow.
Cherry, crimson, tuck it away.
Not a bee.

The bitter scent of vinegar,
Bubbling, melting,
Wrap it in white.
Her soft lips atone.
It's just lavender, not plum,
It stopped now anyway.
Melting sugar,
Rotten ambrosia

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Tags : trauma, realization

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a struggling relationship with multiple red flags, and the narrator begins to realize that it isn\'t healthy. Although I have never experienced this myself, I have had friends go through difficult times similar to this and had a hard time escaping.