lavender soap (for the lonely)

This is an exercise
In remembering who you are
Take a shower
Make sure the water is hot
Darling, you deserve comfort
Tip your head back
Close your eyes
Pretend you’re standing in the rain
Think back
While the water pounds on your scalp
Who were you
Before all of this
Watch the drops dribble off your fingertips
Until they start to prune
You’re a clean slate now, darling
Take that memory of the real you
Lather it on like lavender soap
It’ll hang around you for days, now
Trust me
Step out the way you really want to
But be careful not to slip
You’ll probably need a bathmat for the first few tries
If it doesn’t work the first time
Darling, don’t despair
Sometimes it takes a few showers
To be born anew

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