The Way to Prosperity

The Way to Prosperity

In the world of diversity and disparity
hard would be, to see tranquility
Abandoning, God-given equality

Oh! It would be a bitter reality

Survival of the fittest, deprival of the weakest
Race; color; wealth would determine who is the finest,
For few to flourish, slavery to the rest

Loyalty for enormity; sincerity in grave
Executing kindness with heinous ruthlessness
Person dying, sibling laying in a fancy place
Would be the scene natural to face

But thankfully, there is a way,

There is a way; for humanity to sway
Placing peace in a safe bay
sustaining the poor and protecting the fool

There is a way; to put truce enmity with truth
forbidding the fierce raiding for floss
Adversity and cruelty to get a final close

The law is the way, for those who aspire rationalizing an irrational desire
Ending “an eye for an eye’s empire
Progressing with equality’s tier

I am telling you,

The law is the way, to prevent fear
Suppression by the fierce, hard to bear
But, with the law’s armor, shiny to wear, serenity is assured far and near


The law is the way, for justice to glow
Upholding peace for a better tomorrow
Founding Prosperity with uninterrupted flow!

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Key Words : Law, humanity, tranquility, prosperity

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This Poems Story

There was a holiday under the logo \"Law to Prosperity\" in my hometown. Inspired by the day I wrote this poem.