There is an impalpable spirit lurking on the
Emancipated from the strings of authority,
It reeks of anarchy and drips misrule,
A murder here and a rape there,
"Lets not spare the kids", it says,
The saffron stabs the green,
The green slits the saffron,
Not just skeletal human would satisfy it,
It clips off the wings of our ideas,
It rules our lives and commands us,
What should be eaten,
What should be seen,
What should be spoken,
Even what should be heard,
It's like a tumour amplifying into our lives,
No doses of imploring can subdue it,
Its time they use the cane of authority,
Striking down that back this chaos,
Let them know this country has a
A constitution that was born out of the
womb of our leaders,
It's soddened in the blood of our heroes,
Lets not let them feed off our nation,
Lets not give in to this lawlessness.

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