Laws of Power

Make no commitments
Maintain your independence and keep others suspended and in tare, Be scarce, Know how to lie,
Pose as a friend but,
Work as a spy
Know your rivals,
Become an idol,
Become a martyr,
Build an alter,
Make sure people know about you, Show them the light
but make sure they’re in the dark without you
Defeat the weak and make a mess of them
And keep in mind oblivion is the best revenge
Know your rapture,
Don’t outshine the master
Lessen your mentions,
Conceal your intentions
Keep all your weapons aimed for one mark
An arrow can only hit one heart one target
Deal all the cards and make them play with the cards they get
Make larger than life your appearance
Be bold be fearless, But don’t be afraid to surrender a few endeavors
Conform when needed, Transform when needed
Guard your reputation with your life, you need it, Maintain your health, Think as you like but keep your thoughts to yourself,
Keep your peace,
Last but not least,
Keep your hands....CLEAN

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