Layer Upon Layer

Buried deep beneath a desert of
thoughts lies a treasure beyond the sand
A group of words tied together,
enough to change a man
Many have tried to dig down deep
But got lost along the way
The path is known to a certain type of man
that lets go of what the lost ones say
When the sun comes out it gets too hot,
So only fools dig during the light
The path going through these grains of thoughts
can only be handled at night
Layers of sand must be dug through
until you get down to the treasure
Sorting through the past and present
While taking in both pain and pleasure
You need to dig through layers of your soul
Ignoring everything you see in hatred
If you manage to pass by regret and laziness
You are one of the few that made it
The layer of priorities tends to be tough,
But it shows you just what you can be.
Men are sick with thoughts of envy
But you are a rose in concrete
I've yet to arrive, the road is weary,
darkness swallows most of what I see
Searching for guidance everywhere I gaze
This fire will not diminish within me

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