Eyes of beholders are just curious ,
How can a person be so hidden .
While they have forgotten,
How they forgot how much ,
They arnt expressing .
Doesn't it felt like one can conceal its desire, Can be so empty , yet so alive and deep, Holds virtue to conceal their hearts, They tries to conceal their voices, Escaping from broken parts.

Doesn't matter it's up or inside,
These layers can hide them just right.
Yes, you out there blaming others ,
How arnt they so transparent.
In middle you neglecting to look past ,
Of my reflection with broken glass shards .

Yes I am caught up in middle in counts ,
Of layers how much I should put on.
Sometimes I tries to put more,
Than its required .
But I will still try to give my glass,
Maybe you can look past.
Do try to conclude my images ,
Whether they holds truth or mirage.

Yes I can conceal my blemishes , will try to hide my all ordeals .
But I won't obligate myself ,
To discontinue healing under those layers, of my scarred self

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