Sadness it is or another transitory moment
Loneliness blown up in a cloud of despair
You and me are a past little secret
Or just this worlds most unlucky share

Shining bright are the same little stars
Named over you but now seemed to be apart
You and me now a historical tale
Or just a phoenix that reformed and died again

Shadows of silences following us again
Creating mirages of our unknown sail
Love drowning and rising up with shame
Flowing through it,we again failed

You and me are still a story
Burried under a million layers
Layers of name, class and money
Layers of past, present, and future
Layers of old unsaid anguish
Layers of dubbed loving sentences
Layers that would never find a depth
Layers that would never be dead
Layers that would never hear our sigh
Layers that would own us even after we die

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