They can say a lot about someone
my layers are seen one by one,
as the doctors start to X-ray me they see the first layer
it may be obvious,
outgoing and happy,
then as they start to get a deeper look,
they start to see many other things
they see the hurt and the cracks,
the smile slowly fades to a frown,
and the tears start to rush out of me like an overfilled pool
they see the scars,
the ones left by the ill-mannered words of the students at school,
the broken heart that was still whole about a year ago,
before you left me
they find an empty bottle of glue that I've used a million times,
attempting to repair all the pieces of my shattered heart
they find a layer of dust,
a layer as thick as the one you would find on something,
like a forgotten item from your childhood,
the one that just sits there in your closet
they notice that the last layer is special,
it's more than just a broken heart,
or a bunch of tears,
it's strength

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