Lazy Day

The water was
dark and brown,
two turtles rested on a nearby log
soaking in the sun.

A large grey heron swooped lazily down
landing effortlessly
while looking around for a tasty morsel treat.

Overhead a squawking jay served as sentinel
to warn of my intrusion into its domain.

All I wanted was to sit and dip a line
into the cool brown pool.

Perhaps an unsuspecting fish would seek
the dangling worm on the end of my line.

Even if there were no takers
I wouldn't mind.

It just was a chance to visit
the calm and quiet of that dark and cool
pool as it just drifted by.

Thoughts of nothingness clouded an
otherwise empty mind.

It was just a lazy day,
warm and friendly sitting by that
dark and brown pool
with a drifting line.

Cares drifted away
like the white fluffy clouds high above.

So why spoil a beautiful day.

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