Le Vie Sans et Avec l’Amour Réécrit

Le Vie Sans et Avec l’Amour Réécrit
By Dan Bickert

One day, I went forth, carrying on, as it was
Further, yonder still, beyond my limits
Until, one day, having had too many troubles
I chose to withhold my love from both myself and others
From the pain I had suffered in life
It had come to be that I refused to give love more
I had ensconced my love to my own demise
I dared not gaze upon love’s face any longer, for I was without her
Hence pinched had been the love in my heart en masse
I had bid love adieu
My own love was now nothing but a treasure lost
Something of a love cachéd was what was all that was left
And, then, in my emptiness, it became so that my hollow heart had found a tongue to grieve
Which seemed to be singing refrains over and over until they had turned to a lion's roar
Chanting a riddle even nature’s love could not solve
That lady, love, had seemed to hear my silent lamentations stir:
Are flowers winters choice of victims?
Is love's catch but a restless sleep chamber
And at each moment a hard march through winter’s snowy hills?
Are flames to elevate not to know?
But, still, I had felt a residuum of her in each and every place I did pass by
Mostly, wherever I saw bourgeoning wild flowers blooming
Then, finally, I had chanced upon her and I rediscovered her
In a hidden place as secret as natures' reverberant song
Then love did inspire in me herself by examples of her which I saw shown round me
There I did stay, undisturbed, until I felt a re-birth of love
The lady was raised again, once more, in me
Rekindled was that lady
Then, what could ail?
And, upon finding her again my lacking and adrift life found colour
And my heart began to beat with hope once more
Having now rediscovered her
Once again, love blossomed as a nectarous fleur in my heart
And, then, I had come to realize that you love, you have taught me
Hiretofore, by having been given you
That I should not give none of you to no one no more
Therefore, I shall give none of you no more
And, at times, by having neglected both you and myself, I have lost, at times, both
Such, as before, I have been given so much of you
And with my own adherence to nature
I choose to give love again
By electing to love, myself, and others
I do, thus adore you, and the gift that you are
Love, I thus, give back again of you
For making me to have loved and to have been loved
I choose to give you even to those who think love's companionship to be but a portion in life
Often when there was no love present I had tried to give it
To give to those who had incapacity to give it and lacked it
And, this at times that has cost me
And it has cost me to have loved that which holds my own alterity
Moreover, you, nature, you have taught me, by making me
You have taught me to live with love, and thus to give love
Love, you, by teaching me what love is
From those who have given so much of you to me
Those who have begot so much love in me
Through you, I give back, through love, that what is and what will become of my soma
Love and nature, you both have taught me
By making me who I am
To live by my nature which is to love, and to love life
And, thus I go forth with love in my life

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This Poems Story

another re-write of one of my poems... I made some notes of John Claire's poem on love and thought the lines were mine... this version is without lines that are his.