Le Your Insecurities Cease

Let Your Insecurities Cease

My dear, why are you mercilessly tearing yourself apart?
Just like you, I used to constantly tell myself this:
"I greatly hate myself; I have no beauty or worth."

From you, there is so much beauty that I have unearthed.
Why do you keep yourself in the great and gaping abyss?
Looks do not matter, but it is the qualities of the heart.

Do not be like how I was; I was too self-conscious and insecure.
By your bad traits, do not let your good traits be obscured,
For I see a person inside you that is deep and very alluring.

Let your body rise from the abyss to see the light that shines through,
For in the dark abyss, you no longer have to stay, dwell or reside.
Let me be your light that makes everyday much more bright!

Behind you, you can finally put this painful and hurtful plight.
Show the beauty and love for yourself that you bury deep inside.
We want to see that lovely, alluring, and fun-loving you.

Just like me, you can finally have a sense of a great closure.
Nothing is holding you back; break free from your enclosure!
Your body will finally regain this sense of composure.

You are now free your the enemies that you tried to escape.
Go, explore and reside in this new world you have found.
To yourself, make truthful and everlasting amends.

Not all good times have to come straight to an end.
Let happiness, peace, and acceptance greatly surround!
Today is the day that your body image has been reshaped!

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