Lead, Protect, Create

She believed in something bigger than herself,
And cherished the words and the beauty in song.
She promised of bravery and laughter,
She whispered jokes that I would get after.
The young girl wouldn't worry about what the future could hold.
For she trusted that things would happen the right way.
She walked in confidence and dressed in comfort,
With the type of embrace that concealed all the hurt.
And when you needed advice,
And others were busy being too cool for school,
She'd tell you a story and bleed words of sincerity,
And you'd know that the girl was too strong for her years,
She offered comfort in blankets of reliability.
Balanced honesty and integrity,
And never mixed opportunity with arrogance.
She'd lead tribes,
But she was the warrior,
She'd protect you from ignorance,
Create images of stability.
She could tell you anything, and you would believe her.

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