leaked connection

I must have sent you a thousand letters but you never sent one.
I must have called a million times but you never once called back.
When I ask you where are you sending your love?
You tell me there is no address.
That’s why when I show you my affection I always wear my vest.
I ask what’s her name you tell me there is no her.
But I know it is.
Even if she’s not in your bed she has a place in your head
You surprise me and say these are the gifts that you sent me.
But I’m curious so I ask whose the voice on the phone?
She sounded so friendly
You finesse me and tell me she’s a friend named Ashely.
But I know she’s more just by your expression.
You confess and tell me she’s someone you confine in.
But I question myself who I am if you don’t know when to draw the line in.
I hugged you the other day but they were drenched in false hope.
You disappeared not your presence but your affection.
But you worry ill seek another man for his protection.
But why would I stay if I’m not your only selection.
You don’t want me to go because you fear neglect ion.
But in your mind
It’s okay to show my heart no connection.

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