Lean On Me

That shoulder you cry on hasn't cried for so long
Scared to show weakness to those that see them as strong
The same problems you stress and repeat every time you speak after blowing up their phone
Are the same problems that keep them awake till dawn with nothing but thoughts and Melancholic songs keeping them going
Asked "What's Wrong"
And before they're able to describe at least one thing that’s going on
"I'm Fine" finds it's lying way outside of their throat
And before they can catch it it's gone
the moment they've waited for for so long To vent and take the weight off their chest the same way you have done
Has been takin away
So they have to wait with this pain in their breast where their heart stays
As they listen to the things that pain you today taking in every ounce of what you have to say
Offering to help you take on some of your own weight
When they themselves can barely stand up straight
But that's what they do
Whatever they need to to make sure you make it through
They know everybody just wants somebody to listen to the things they go through
Whether the trials be many and threat be minuscule
Or the trials be few with the threat of burying you
They know everybody just wants to be listened to
So to those with no one to turn to and no motivation to make it through
I'm here to motivate you
Just tell me what it is that's bothering you.
And watch how everything gets better soon
It’s funny how all you need is for someone to listen for you to hear a better tune

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