Learning The Gaps

Learning from the lessons of old,
We’re destined to grow.
Reaching up our leaves and pedals,
We extend ourselves.
Do you believe in magic,
The magic that will set you free?
Then go down different paths,
When your Spirit is calling.
Running will get you nowhere,
But right back to the beginning.
Stop and try to learn something,
For this is the grandest journey.
When we all depend all inner faith steadfastly,
Dreams come true bigger than we’ve ever imagined.
Miracles happen,
And we become interconnected with the Universe.
My temple is in this heart, mind, body, and soul,
While my Spirit roams this Earth.
God is in a different business,
As He has left the Almighty churches.
He waits here before you,
Through my voice.
Say Hello to the Heavens,
My beautiful friend.
No matter how far you are,
You can get there.
On this very piece of paper, is the Divine,
Just waiting for you to fill the gaps of learning.

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