learning to make rebar out of lace


have you ever felt like you are ceaselessly building
the ground beneath you with each step you take?
nothing holds well - all the stability
you built behind you crumbles by the second
and the leveled ground you've always relied on
is decaying
exponentially faster than you are able to assemble
new flooring to stand on
the world around is a black, thickly latexed balloon
and someone
keeps letting the air out when i'm not looking
since when do walls not obey 90° angles?
everywhere i turn - my walls - they keep falling in
and i don't have any more tools to keep them up
i've run out of fix-its
i don't know how to cement them back in their place
I only have two fragile hands
I only have two piffling feet supporting me
im only one person but the universe misguidedly behaves
as if I am an overpopulated and competent militia
capable of going to war each and everyday by myself
but the only weapon i'm equipped with is my peace

i misplace it often

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