Bitches deserve to be on a leash. 
Who am I talking about? 
Oh, was that too much for you to hear? 
Do your eyes hurt? 
Well fuck off and close your eyes. 
Why are they still open? 
Because this is about to start getting real. 
Did I catch your fucking eye now? 
Trust me bitches deserve to be choked and fucking hung. 
Are you offended yet? 
If I meet a bitch again, I will wrap thirteen knots around its fucking neck. 
Do I sound psycho yet? 
I hope to God I can hear the bitch squeal and gasp for air. 
Do you have a picture yet? 
The branch breaks and the bitch falls with a sound of thunder as the ground is struck. 
Are you relieved? 
I hope not because just as the bitch inhaled, I start dragging. 
Are you praying to God yet? 
I hope not because God has been praying too for years. 
Do you think I am troubled just a little? 
You got no fucking idea, and I am about to give you that idea. 
Do you want to know what it is? 
I hope the bitch hits every stone as I drag. 
Do you think that is too much detail? 
The best part is watching the bitch start to get up on bloody knees. 
Should I stop yet? 
Excuse me I am the Chief of this project and just as the bitch gets up, I pull hard. 
Do you think the bitch has learned a lesson? 
I drag this bitch to the fucking pier with each loose nail snagging. 
How deep do you think the water is? 
Deep enough for a bitch to drown. 
Do you think you should listen to this part? 
The cinder blocks get tied to helpless ankles and the bitch cannot fight now. 
Are you troubled yet? 
Get up bitch, you are going for a swim. Splash! 
Are you wondering why? 
Well, the end is near. HaHa 
Will you please stay and listen to this part? 
It is amusing to sit here on the dock waiting for the bitch’s last bubble to reach the surface. 
Why are you crying? 
Don't worry I'm pulling the bitch back up because just as the bitch surfaces back down he goes. 
Do you think this is crazy? 
I hope so because I am only motherfucker holding the rope. 
If anyone tries to stop me, I will jump in the fucking water with the rope. 
Why am I giving you this image? 
Because the bitch is me and my addiction is the Chief of the Project. 
I am just a bitch on a leash when I am using. 
F*ck Off Angie 

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Tags : #addiction, #recovery, #love
Key Words : addiction, recovery, drugs, rehab, rehabilitation, crazy, insane, anger, psycho

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This Poems Story

Wow, reading this takes me back at the moment every time. I had a bad day in treeatment. I was mad at myself for getting into this situation. I started writing this poem for what I was going to do to my addiction if i couild actually see her in real life. Then as I got about a quarter of the way through it hit me. This is actually what my high was doing to me. It is very powerful and extreme but true thoughts.