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Please, Love, if you hear me, pick up the phone...
I'm hurting and tired, don't leave me alone.
I'm sorry for all of those things that I said,
On those nights when the alcohol clouded my head.
These past months, you see, I got myself clean;
I'm no longer the mess that you have seen.
I'm gentle and kind, like I used to be.
Just call me back soon and I promise, you'll see.

My heart is filled with acid and lead.
I burn with desire and I'm weeping with dread.
My love, my life, my one and only,
When I was thirsty, did you feel this lonely?
I know I deserve such treatment from you,
For never once thanking you for what you do.
It's Saturday morning at quarter-to-five-
When you get this message, I might not be alive.

I called to hear your voice before you're buried today.
Why did it have to be this way?

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