Leave me

You said your favorite thing to do was kiss me, with talking as number two
You know that conversations are what I would rather do
Love notes and music can always disguise
The bruises you leave but they can not hide
The circles under my coffee stained eyes
With the hope for amends, why do we pretend
That our love is not condescending, Impending with the drive
For something new, why can't we be through
“There are girls prettier than you”
Continue to shred my self esteem
With means of reparation for the hours of hatred
Degraded with the thought that
I would lose you, you know it's true
That there are girls who’d wear your flowers, absorb their powers
Lie themselves down so you wouldn’t get frustrated
Never feel emasculated it's not that complicated
Leave me.
Be with someone with a blank notebook page
Disengage with the girl who won’t obey
Your ink stained requests, I protest
Being emotionally distant
Nonexistent is my physical love for your body
Oddly enough I screw with your emotions but your eyes are like oceans
That some other girl can drown herself in

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