Leave me be

Leave Me Be.

Stop staring at me,
through me.
I lay here restless in the night.
A haunting pain, and fear.
Leave me alone!
A monster in the dark
with bloody eyes.
They laugh at me.
They taunt my sanity.
The critics wont be silenced.
I am not good.
I am unusual and strange.
All reason is destroyed.
The inner beast is screaming.
Stop taunting me!
Those eyes punish me.
They punish my mind.
Never at peace,
never alone.

I dissolve into the mattress,
forgotten by all.
Betrayed by all.
Tormented by all.
The world disowns me.
All except those unforgivable eyes.
My eyes.
Stop staring at me!
Perfection is impractical.
I ask to be alone, and yet
Shrieking thoughts linger.

An unbearable pressure.
I cannot stop the laughter.
I am numb; immobile.
Sorrow burns my heart.
Anxious thoughts flood my mind,
as a stream overflowing.
A broken soul.
I cannot run.
I cannot hide.
Eternal anxiety.

Leave me be,
you never will,
never will.

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