I don’t know if I am going
Away to the path you are now mowing
Scraping everything clean
From the mess in which I bleed
Letting the blades cut everything I am
Wondering if we could go safely, hand in hand
And we smile at each other
Ignoring the screams of my mother
Letting our hands do what they do
As they start to let go for good
And my tears cannot fall
Like I did for it all
And the song stops
And you turn me to the cops
Letting them lock me up
In the cage you made from my love
And I do not know how to feel
With the betrayal of my dear
As I write all the letters I can
Without the warren taking my pen
And you never visit me anymore
So I am left to rot alone
In the metal bed I grew to love
Like I did you until you left me for a sub
And I learned that you left me here
Away from your peers
And do not worry
For my bags I am packing in a hurry
But my zipper broke
Right at the front door
So I left everything there
Nothing for me to spare
And do not worry, I left, too
Because I had nothing to do
Baby, not for you
I am not who you wanted anymore
And you left me hurt to the core
But it is healing, I swear
Not that you really care
And the memory of you is leaving as well
So, again, nothing for me to spare
- Everything seems to keep leaving

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