Leaving Footprints in the World

let us lead not follow
let us stand together than being divided
let us reign supreme over our failures
let us set a mark for all of our
achievements to be reached
walking proudly with our chins held hi
and our chests pushed out with passion and strength
facing fear in the face we proudly and
apologetically charge forward when no one else will
our eyes widen filled with ambition
tears of joy and fire in our hearts
we leave a glorious mark with our leadership
making strides to be hard workers with
diligent effort to be better people
which us gives power to fuel the
indomitable human spirit to lead
forward with no regret or self doubt
the pinnacle of our internal greatness
lies with our value creation
changing the world with our new creative
genius giving people what they need
and in turn making us happy
when we lead with our hearts and relinquish
our fears makes our lives worth living for
and when we turn around we will see many
footprints left behind us as we
become legendary
most importantly we did it together

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