Leaving Me Here

Of all of the things that I have felt in my life,
the loneliness is the hardest,it stings like a knife.
The friends the lovers they lie and they go.
Leaving me here and no mercy they show.
The coldness aches to my very bones.
It is that feeling of loneliness that won't leave me alone.
Though I try and try and I try to forget.
All lonely souls know that we must feel every bit.
All the coldness the pain while there is no one to care.
These lonely feelings are almost too much to bear.
To sit up and smile must take strength from within.
To rebuilt our hope only to be lonely again.
How many more times should I try I must ask?
To mask this permanent lonely feeling then it welcomes me back.
God give me the strength,the strength to go on.
Fighting this losing battle takes its toll,its like a song.
A song written for us for the lonely to sing.
Please don't leave me this way.
Not yet.
Maybe tomorrow.

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