Leaving You Behind

Your my best friend, yet my worst enemy,
Your one of the few people that have been there for me.
You make me feel good and mad at the same time,
Why did we have to meet is what runs through my mind.
When I was drunk you took advantage of me,
I wasn't in the right mindset you see.
I always told myself I would stay away from you,
But now leaving is the hardest thing to do.
Your the devil in disguise,
You tear people apart and then take their lives.
You have a charm that's hard to ignore,
Every time I'm with you I crave you more.
The feeling you give me I can't explain,
Your like seeing sunshine in the pouring rain.
I would give anything to throw you away,
Then I wouldn't have to count on you to get through the day.
When I have the strength to leave, you make me feel weak,
That's when the withdraws take over me.
I stay awake throughout the night,
Telling myself I'll make it through this and be alright.
The chills and cold sweats start to begin,
The pain I feel, I guess now you win.
One day well go our separate ways and I'll never see you again,
And then I can say for once that I win,
I beat this disease they call heroin.

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