Led Astray

The paradigm of yew
Allured by the grandeur that stands
Death awaiting the innocent that come through
As a sweet berry whispers its last adieu
Resounding the elegy across the lands
"Valiant and true this last perdue
Eirene's offspring is Death's to subdue
Her propensity is what he demands, the aura of righteousness disbands
The fall of man never ceases to amaze
The opposition withstands, Love is the heavenly command."

Hera beckons one last cry
Oh empty final plight! Must this end in everlasting night?
Oh morose oversight! Must our sustenance wither in blight?
The mors clamor of why

Unholy requiem, rid thyself of shame
Still heard on a silent evening
Thy divine name
Virgo dux pacis, young dame
We dishonor you by dreaming
We are a man rendered lame
We are the dead grieving
Resurrect us we are screaming

Amongst the stars, a noble soul will remain

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